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Auto-SERVICE for all BionX components BBI2 promotion video launched

January 22, 2015

AURORA, ON, Canada – In August 2014 Auto-SERVICE was introduced as the tool within BBI2 that enables automated service processing in real time right at the dealer level. In March 2015 it will be enhanced with new features.

With Auto DIAGNOSTIC, REPAIR and WARRANTY for BionX batteries, the amount of batteries that used to be picked up at the dealer could be reduced by more than 95% as all relevant information is available online via BBI2 with self-diagnosis.

Now Auto-SERVICE will be available for BionX consoles and motors as well, so that all BionX system components are enabled for real time diagnosis and automated RMA processing. One of the main new features is the intuitive online service form within BBI2 that guides the dealer through the service steps. Besides the option to upload photos and other relevant sales documents from the PC, the dealer can also initiate a special upload app right on his or her smartphone via the use of a QR-Code in BBI2. Thereby all relevant information is made available to the Service Center and the service processing is even faster and more efficient than before.

On top of the enhanced Auto-SERVICE features, BBI2 now also provides newsletters and videos, explaining all possible uses of the software as well as providing detailed technical assistance.

At this year’s Swiss INFOTECH event, the new features of the BBI2 software were presented to the dealers. The event was chosen to premiere the new BBI2 promotion video that showcases the core elements of the “Zero Part Return Philosophy”. The video is available in three languages (German, English and French) and can be viewed on the BionX YouTube channel via this link. It is also available on the BionX website.

About BionX

Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, BionX International develops and produces electric propulsion systems for intelligent, sustainable mobility. BionX stands for technological know-how, forward-looking technologies as well as reliable products and service. BionX propulsion systems are the perfect solution for the global increasing demand for clean and efficient mobility. Among the international OEM partners for customized solutions powered by BionX™, are renowned manufacturers from the bicycle industry as well as the automotive industries, such as Trek, Diamant/Villiger, BMW, SMART, Wheeler and Norco.

To learn more about BionX products and service, please visit or use the press contacts below.

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Press Contact Europe:
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Press Contact North America:
Paul Gingl
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