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April 30, 2013

AURORA, ON, Canada – Canadian electric propulsion system manufacturer BionX International Corporation has released BBI2, a new version of their BionX dealer interface.

BionX will launch the BBI2 software, an updated version of the BBI (BionX Bicycle Interface) on April 30th, 2013. Over 2 years in development, the BBI2 has advanced features that mirror computer interface software found in the automotive industry. The BBI platform has evolved from being a programming, troubleshooting, and diagnostics tool to an effective sales and communication tool as well.

The foremost of the new features is the new Remote Support function, which allows service technicians to access any system connected to BBI2 anywhere in the world. This level of service is unique to independent bicycle dealers who sell and service bicycles that are powered by BionX™. Remote Support will allow for improved diagnosis of system parts, allow direct contact with dealers, and even reprogramming of parts at a distance. This results in faster and more efficient service for the dealer.

The BBI2 also offers system logfile auto uploads for constant product improvement, as well as access to complete technical documentation on the product. There is a new detailed service report available for all customers who purchase and have their BionX systems updated at dealerships carrying BionX systems and products powered by BionX.

“We designed the new BBI platform to be more than an evolution of the current software. It is the first step towards an all-encompassing tool for our customers. Implementing features like the Remote Support takes us one step ahead. Being set up as an HTML based online application, the BBI2 will serve as the info hub around all BionX systems. Its intuitive user interface will ease communication between all levels of the service and supply chain. And in case of tricky questions, Remote Support is accessible by the click of a button” – says Werner Schiller, Sales and Marketing Director of BionX International Corporation.

This dealer only software will be in use by the worldwide BionX dealer network within the coming months. Dealers will be prompted in the original BBI window when BBI2 is released for their location.

For further questions please use the press contacts below.

Press contact EU:
Christian Winands
BionX GmbH
Johann-Karg-Str. 44
85540 Haar / Germany
Press contact NA:
Paul Gingl
BionX International Corporation
455 Magna Dr.
Aurora, ON. , L4G 7A9 Canada
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