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BionX 2016 and beyond – integration and multi-device controls

August, 2015 – AURORA, ON, Canada – Canadian e-bike electric propulsion system manufacturer BionX will officially present the new semi-integrated downtube battery as well as the DS3 Display and RC3 Controller at Eurobike 2015.

Semi-integrated battery

BionX, known for customized OEM solutions, will now offer a semi-integrated downtube battery with an open mold tube design. It enables bicycle manufacturers to further differentiate their product and brand design.

The integration of the battery into a frame concept allows for a seamless design that is already very popular with many bicycle types. A quick and easy lateral insertion with a “slam lock” with improved connectors and docking station already installed on the frame, offers more space for full suspension frames and therefore even more options for the OEM customer to customize their Pedelecs powered by BionX.

integrated battery

New RC3 Remote Controller and DS3 Display

For the 2016 OEM product line-up, BionX will be offering a new intelligent, multifunctional remote controller called RC3 that can operate as a stand-alone remote without a display. The remote enables the rider to control all basic functions, such as assistance and regeneration level, switch the system and light on/off as well as navigate through the menu and select the settings allowing for better control and stability while riding.

rc3 remote

The new BionX DS3 Display features a transflective color display, a quarter-turn mounting mechanism with rubber hand grips on the sides for secure handling as well as multiple mounting positions and a multi-language menu.

“The goal was to achieve a very compact design and superior screen resolution compared to other products on the market”, says V-Bond Lee, VP of Engineering for BionX.

ds3 display

There are two ways to use the new devices:

Option 1:
Keep it simple and use the RC3 Controller only, which has several LEDs which indicate the current ride mode.

Option 2:
Operate the DS3 Display with the RC3 Controller allowing for even more user information and greater visibility.

bionx rc3 controller ds3 display

BionX valued OEM partner WHEELER (Eurobike booth 200, hall B3) will launch their complete range of 2016 Pedelecs powered by BionX which will be equipped with the new semi-integrated battery along with the RC3 controller and DS3 display. Trek will also present its MY2016 pedelec line-up incl. BionX RC3 and DS3 during Trek World Benelux, beginning August 16, 2015.

About BionX

Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, BionX International Cooperation develops and produces electric propulsion systems for intelligent, sustainable mobility. BionX stands for advanced technology, integrated designs and reliable products and service. BionX propulsion systems are the perfect solution for the global increasing demand for clean and efficient mobility. Among the international OEM partners for customized solutions powered by BionX™, are renowned manufacturers from the bicycle as well as the automotive industries, such as Trek, SMART and WHEELER to name a few.

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