About BionX

BionX is on a mission to revolutionize the way people move. Our award-winning electric drive systems are answering a growing worldwide demand for alternative transportation solutions that enable environmental sustainability and a higher quality of life.


“The Award Winning Elby e-bike, Powered by BionX.”

Although BionX e-bike systems were first introduced to the market over 10 years ago as purely a retrofit product on any bicycle, the systems eventually evolved and became available as standard equipment on complete electric bicycles in 2008.  The brand quickly became synonymous with technological innovation and product quality. Today, many leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe and North America, including Trek and Wheeler to name a few, offer complete products powered by BionX.

Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, BionX International has various locations and sales partners in over 15 countries. Our Aurora facility serves as the centre of global operations for sales, service, marketing, testing, sourcing and resident engineering. It is also home to the main BionX production and assembly plant, where our e-bike systems consisting of a battery, motor and console are produced and shipped to customers across various continents.

The BionX Sales & Service Center for Europe is located near Munich, Germany to support our large European customer base.  Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada is home to our International Research & Development Center, which continuously explores new concepts in electric mobility, and advances the development of BionX products on an ongoing basis.

BionX gives you a unique sensation and the freedom to choose how far you wish to ride. With our intelligent electric drive systems, you can travel farther with less physical energy.  If you feel ambitious, you can also increase your workout level with generate mode.  Our products offer complete flexibility for people with various physical conditions ranging from athlete to leisure rider. Whether you’re travelling in pairs or in a group, BionX can level out the playing field.  Life takes place outdoors. To protect it, BionX advocates energy efficiency through electro-mobility. It is a technology that is not only sustainable, but also clean and quiet. The built-in “tailwind” assist prevents damage to joints and has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.  When was the last time you discovered something new? Whether you are looking for an e-bike for commuting and easy riding or for a system that can offer you high performance on or off-road for those challenging hills, you will enjoy the feeling of a BionX electric bicycle.  Discover possibilities that you’ve never known before, discover a new sensation.