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August 28, 2013
AURORA, ON, Canada – Canadian electric propulsion system manufacturer BionX International Corporation presents the new D-Series motor. For the 2014 model year, BionX expands their product portfolio by introducing a new rear wheel direct drive motor, called the D-Series. Following the slogan “slim, sleek and powerful”, the aim was to create a motor suitable for the e-MTB market – the largest growing segment in both the pedelec as well as the overall bicycle market.

“The success of our PL and SL series motors has led to this new distinctive design. It has enabled our engineering team to think outside of the box and come up with great technical solutions that further promote the BionX DNA of noise and vibration free motors with generate/regenerative braking mode and our proven strain gauge technology. The D-series motor is extremely sporty, lightweight and powerful – sticking to our principle, where an ebike has to ride and feel like a bicycle” says Werner Schiller, Sales & Marketing Director of BionX International.

With the introduction of the D-Series motor, BionX has implemented four new technical features:

ITS (Increased Tangential Speed):
By increasing the motor diameter, the tangential speed of the magnetic components increases as well.

MCR (Magnetic Component Reduction):
By increasing the diameter of the motor, less electrical force is needed to produce torque. This enables BionX to build a lighter motor. Both ITS and MCR are major contributors to the 250% increase in power output at steady state.

NSC (Non Structural Cover):
An extra lightweight construction due to non-structural motor covers and a super slim profile reduces the weight to only 3.9 kg.

STC (Spoke To Center):
The spokes of the D-Series motor are attached to the centre of the motor, enabling the wheel to flex more in the vertical direction. This results in more comfort, more grip and more traction on the trail for the sport oriented rider.

At a peak torque of 50Nm and a steady state torque of 25Nm, the D-Series is aimed at the sporty on-road and off-road rider, who wants high performance and modern design in one product.

The new D-Series motor will have its world premiere at Eurobike 2013. It will be offered on certain OEM bicycles powered by BionX™ in the coming 2014 model year, starting with WHEELER as the official launch partner.

For further questions please use the press contacts below.

Press contact EU:
Christian Winands
BionX GmbH
Johann-Karg-Str. 44
85540 Haar / Germany
Press contact NA:
Paul Gingl
BionX International Corporation
455 Magna Dr.
Aurora, ON. , L4G7A9 Canada
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