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Deep Sleep

July 12, 2013

AURORA, ON, Canada – Canadian electric propulsion system manufacturer BionX International Corporation presents the new “Deep Sleep”
function for BionX e-bike batteries.

For the 2014 model year, all BionX batteries in the “X” (extra-long) and “L” (long) ranges will feature a new “Deep Sleep” function.

“Deep Sleep” acts as a method of energy preservation for the BionX battery. Depending on the battery state of charge, as well as inactivity (i.e. the amount of days the battery or the bike has not been used), the battery automatically puts itself into “Deep Sleep” mode. Fully charged batteries will enter “Deep Sleep” after 2 months, while partially discharged batteries will enter it in increasingly faster time frames.

“Deep Sleep” mode works by withdrawing the circuit board from the cell pack, resulting in no energy consumption during stand by. This enables a shelf life of up to 18 months for a fully charged battery. To activate the battery from “Deep Sleep” simply connect the battery to the 26V BionX power supply. This will allow the battery to complete a full charge cycle.

In the case of non-use, BionX nonetheless recommends recharging the battery at least every 6 months. This will maintain battery life and capacity over a longer period of time.

BionX “Deep Sleep” mode is sure to be a significant benefit for both dealers and end consumers.

For further questions please use the press contacts below.

Press contact EU:
Christian Winands
BionX GmbH
Johann-Karg-Str. 44
85540 Haar / Germany
Press contact NA:
Paul Gingl
BionX International Corporation
455 Magna Dr.
Aurora, ON. , L4G7A9 Canada
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