E-Bike FAQ


Where do I find the most important information about the safe operation of my e-bike?

Always read the User Manual BEFORE attempting to ride an e-bike powered by BionX. Please adhere to local laws, wear a helmet, operate at safe speeds and make sure you are at least 16 years of age to operate the vehicle. Check with your local laws for any exceptions.

Will the BionX conversion system fit my bike?

BionX systems can be applied to many different kinds of bikes and trikes – from your standard hybrid or mountain bike to handcycles and cargo bikes. If your frame has a 135mm O.L.D. or rear hub spacing, and enough room for a battery, odds are it will fit a BionX system. You can download a full-sized battery template from our website to help you fit a battery onto your frame. Any frames that do not accept a downtube battery but have mounts for a rear pannier rack will have the option to use one of our rear rack conversion systems instead. As always, your local BionX retailer will be able to inspect your bike to make sure a BionX system can be safely installed.

How fast does it go?

The speed limit of most BionX powered systems is set to 32km/h (20mph). In some regions where e-bike laws are clearly stated, like California, your BionX system can be set to 45km/h (28mph).

Can I make it go faster?

You will not be able to have your speed limit increased unless you live in an area with clear e-bike legislation that allows it, like California.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes roughly 4-5.5 hours to charge your BionX battery to full once it is depleted. BionX does not support a “fast-charging” method, and using a third-party charger with our batteries is prohibited. Note that the BionX 48V battery is charged with a 26V power supply as the charger is on the board inside the battery, and ramps the voltage up from 26V.

How far can I go on a charge?

Range can vary greatly depending on how the system is used. Less battery power will be needed if the rider keeps a good pedaling cadence (or RPM) and uses the bike’s gears efficiently. Making your system work harder with excessive use of the throttle button, or higher levels of assist will result in less range. Making sure your tires are fully inflated, your bike is properly tuned, and limiting how much luggage you are carrying will all have an effect on the battery’s range. The advertised range potential for each system is determined by tests with an average sized person using the lightest assist level.

How does it work?

The motor’s strain gauge measures how much pressure you are putting down on the pedals and tells the motor to give a proportional amount of “push”. The harder you step down on the pedals, the harder the motor will work with you, resulting in a ride that feels smooth, natural and VERY easy to control.

Please note that BionX now offers a free warranty extension to 3 years*, when you register your BionX e-bike system via BBI2 at your local dealer!

*Optional 3 year warranty applies to certain BionX OEM product only all BionX e-bike systems for 2016 and beyond – contact your local dealer for more information.

Are the assistance levels like gears?

No, the assist levels change the motor’s reaction to the rider’s input. A higher assist level increases the motor’s response to your pedaling. You can choose to leave the system in one level that suits your riding style or change it as necessary for different riding situations. The assist levels are not meant to be a substitute for your gears, and using gears properly is important for getting the most range from your battery.

Does it have a throttle or is it only pedal assist?

Both are available (depending on your local legislation), you can choose to use the throttle at any time which one to use as long as your system is not in regenerative mode. In many regions (like Europe) the throttle is limited to “Walk Assist” which has a max. speed of 6 km/h.

Do I still get exercise while using my BionX electric assist?

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, the system comes with a 2-year warranty, with an optional 3rd year if the system is registered through the registration email that is automatically sent when the system is Activated at your local BionX retailer. Warranty details can be found in your User Manual.

Does it have GPS or anti-theft?

BionX systems do not currently employ an anti-theft system. Removing the console and battery when you lock your bike up is an easy way to greatly reduce the chances of someone walking away with your property.

What kind of lock should I use?

That depends on many factors such as what kind of bike you have, the area it will be locked up, for how long, and what time of day it is. Buying a good quality lock from a trusted brand is a good start. Visit your local bicycle retailer for more information and advice concerning locks, and how/where to lock up your bike. They will likely have a good understanding of what you are up against when locking your bike up around your area.

How much is it?

There are many options to choose from. Please visit your local BionX retailer for information on pricing and availability.

Where can I get one?

Contact your local retailer, or find a local BionX retailer partner with the Dealer Map by clicking “Where to Buy” on our website. They will be able to help you find which product best suits you, and provide service for your BionX system.

Can I rent one?

Some shops will rent bicycles powered by BionX, some tour companies also offer BionX as an option. Contact your local BionX retailer for more information.

Can I take my BionX bike on an airplane?

Airlines will not allow the BionX battery or any other large capacity lithium-ion battery onboard. Many BionX riders will ship the battery to their destination separately, or seek a BionX retail partner in the area that can provide them with one. Please contact us for the MSDS information if necessary for shipment.

Can I recharge the battery while riding?

It is not possible to recharge the battery while riding with the BionX power supply because the system will not function while plugged in. You can, however, choose the regenerate modes to manually charge the battery while pedaling.

Should I leave the battery on a trickle charger while it’s not being used regularly?

The best way to take care of your BionX battery is to store it fully-charged and recharge it every 6 months minimum.

Can I use solar power to recharge it?

Possibly. If you have a solar-charged device that can output the same as a wall socket, and as long as the included BionX power supply can be plugged into it, the system can charge. BionX does not offer a solar solution at this time. Do not plug any charging device other than the BionX power supply directly into the BionX battery.

Does it have a USB port?

A USB port is included on certain OEM models such as Elby, and a DC accessory output is available on all 2017 conversion systems. You can purchase a USB adaptor for the DC accessory output from third party electronics manufacturers.

Does it have a Bluetooth option?

Yes. Certain OEM models, including Elby, will have Bluetooth capability out of the box. Our 2017 accessory line will include a plug in Bluetooth module for use with 48 volt BionX systems that are equipped with the RC3 Controller.

My BionX system needs service, what do I do?

Your local BionX retailer will be able to troubleshoot and repair your system. They are equipped with special diagnostic tools and software that allows them to connect to us for extra assistance. If you have any inquiry, you can always contact us from the website.

Can I rebuild a battery on my own?

Opening the battery’s case will void the warranty, and tampering with the internal components is prohibited. If your battery is not performing to your liking, please bring it to your local retailer for inspection and upgrade options.

Why would I choose BionX over a mid-drive system?

Some of the advantages of a BionX powered system are the natural-feeling proportional assist, no external torque/speed sensors that can get knocked out of positon, no additional stress on your chain and drivetrain components, and a quiet yet powerful ride that will take you there and back again.

My screen says “Activation Required / Activate In…” or the green Neutral LED on the RC3 Controller is blinking continuously, what does this mean?

This means the system is in “Demo Mode” and will stop assisting after the indicated distance. Please have the retailer that you purchased the system from activate it with their BionX Interface, this will require your name and email address. You will receive an email to register your system for the third year of warranty directly from BionX.

Where is it made?

BionX systems are engineered and assembled in Aurora, Canada – just north of Toronto.

I represent a bicycle retailer. What can I do to start selling BionX products?

Please visit http://ridebionx.com/contact/partner-with-us/ and submit the form.

Can I upgrade my older system to use a newer 48 volt battery?

As long as your system was made after 2008 and uses CAN bus communication you will be able to upgrade to a 48 volt battery. Your BionX dealer will need to perform a software update on the new battery after it is installed. Please see the question “I have an older BionX system. Can I still get replacement parts?” for more information about CAN bus communication and whether or not your system uses it.

Can I buy upgrades or accessories for my BionX?

You will be able to change or upgrade any of the components on your system as long as it is compatible with our current parts (see our FAQ question “I have an older BionX system. Can I still get replacement parts?” for details). Please note that you will need to have a 48 volt battery if you want to upgrade your pre-2017 parts to the newest versions. Our 2017 lineup will include upgrades like the RC3 Controller and DS3 Display Screen, and accessories such as a High Output Light Set and a Bluetooth Module (required for use with the BionX Smartphone App). These products will work on all 48 volt systems.

Is there a BionX smartphone app?

Customers with Bluetooth-enabled systems can download our free app for use while riding. It can be controlled by the RC3, and has many features including offline navigation, smart rout planning that takes into account how much battery you have left, and an activity log for tracking your ride statistics like heart rate, elevation and more.

Does it have GPS or Anti-theft?

You can use our free app to get GPS navigation if you have a Bluetooth-enabled system. BionX systems do not currently employ an anti-theft system. Removing the console and battery when you lock your bike up is an easy way to greatly reduce the chances of someone walking away with your property.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Your local BionX retailer can provide parts, you can also contact us from our website for assistance finding a local retailer.

Can I use an inverter to charge my battery in the car?

Yes, as long as the BionX power supply can be plugged into the inverter. Information on the input/output is listed on the back of the power supply.