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May 27, 2013

BionX is proud to announce their partnership with Solex, the Montreal-based manufacturer of stylish, functional electric bicycles.

Solex will introduce the new Solexity x350 e-bike to the North American market on May 15th, 2013. The bike will be powered by the BionX 350 HT RR L system, featuring patented BionX proportional-assist technology. The x350 represents Solex’s and Bionx first venture into the North American e-bike market after finding

Solex electric bicycles are praised for their distinctive style, created by legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina. The addition of the BionX 350 HT RR L system for the x350 e-bike helps Solex maintain their characteristic upscale look, while boosting performance and practicality.

According to Solex:  “Artistry meets technology in the form of the Solexity x350 bicycle. The sleekness of renowned Italian design, combined with (the) BionX G2 powertrain, assures an attractive and distinctive appearance, while providing a comfortable ride – Just the kind of performance our discerning clientele deserve and expect.”

For more information about Solex and the x350 powered by BionX, please visit

For more information about BionX e-bike technology, please visit

“BionX International is a global technology and innovation company that manufactures lightweight, efficient and durable electric powertrain systems for the North American and European cycling and boating industries.  In 2008, the company began integrating automotive philosophy and best practices with the help of its management team in order to distinguish itself from other competitors in the e-mobility marketplace.  Each BionX system typically contains three components: a Control Console, Lithium Battery and Brushless Motor.

Research and Development for BionX products happens at the international head office in Aurora, Ontario and its technology center in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  BionX also supports its OEM customer base with sales and service centers in Canada and Germany.  Innovative ideas and designs are created with a keen focus on safety, quality and productivity in manufacturing.   The company aims to create new and exciting product designs with unsurpassed performance that will empower people to move forward in an efficient, clean and sustainable fashion.  For more information, visit

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