BionX Controller Technology

RC3 Controller

The 2017 BionX RC3 Controller is simplicity at its best. With its compact, intuitive design and intelligent multi-functionality, the RC3 offers you a whole new level of control with BionX. The LED indicators allow it to serve as a stand-alone remote controller. It can also be paired with the amazing new BionX DS3 Display.

Rc3 controller

DS3 Display

The 2017 BionX DS3 Display is stylish and smart. It features an all-new screen with full-colour graphics, along with multiple display styles to show you exactly the information you want. The DS3 Display is operated remotely with the intuitive new RC3 Controller, so you never need to take your hands off the handlebars.
Features Include:

  • Transflective color display
  • Quarter-turn mounting mechanism
  • Rubber hand grips on the sides for secure handling
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Multi-language menu
Binox - G2 Console