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November 7, 2012

BionX announces partnership with cargo bike maker Yuba.

BionX International Corporation is proud to announce a partnership with Yuba Bicycles, maker of fun and useful cargo bikes.

Based in Sausalito, California, Yuba Bicycles (“Yuba”) was founded in 2006 by Benjamin Sarrazin, a lifelong bicyclist who saw the need for a new type of bike while traveling around the world as a professional kayaker in the 1990s. In South America, Africa and other parts of the developing world, Sarrazin saw people carrying goods to market on rickety bikes not built to handle the weight of big payloads. He returned to the States to help start a utility bike company.

Said Sarrazin, “We decided to work with BionX because they have developed one of the most complete electric systems on the market. In addition, Yuba Bicycles wants to work and partner with electric suppliers based in North America. For our customers it means better products, higher quality, better customer service and products better suited to North American or western bike riders.”

The Yuba cargo bike powered by BionX will be called the ‘elBoda Boda’ and will feature a 350 HT BionX system, with a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph), and a range of up to 60 km (37 mi) on a single charge.

The BionX e-bike system is an ideal addition to the Yuba range of cargo bicycles, giving you the extra power you need to haul that heavy load with ease and style! For more information about the Yuba elBoda Boda, powered by BionX, visit

BionX International is a global technology and innovation company that manufactures lightweight, efficient and durable electric powertrain systems for the North American and European cycling and boating industries.  In 2008, the company began integrating automotive philosophy and best practices with the help of its management team in order to distinguish itself from other competitors in the e-mobility marketplace.  Each BionX system typically contains three components: a Control Console, a Lithium Battery and a Brushless Motor.

Research and Development for BionX products happens at the international head office in Aurora, Ontario and its technology center in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  BionX also supports its OEM customer base with sales and service centers in Canada and Germany.  Innovative ideas and designs are created with a keen focus on safety, quality and productivity in manufacturing.   The company aims to create new and exciting product designs with unsurpassed performance that will empower people to move forward in an efficient, clean and sustainable fashion.  For more information, visit

BionX, BionX Design, powered by BionX and SeaScape are trademarks of BionX International Corporation

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